Jackel Sewage Basin Review 30-45-72-110 Gallon Comparisons

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Choosing the best sized Jackel sewage basin is important. The pump will run for the proper amount of time to get the longest pump lifetime. Also, a correctly sized pump will save money now and later.

Homeowners only want to install a sewage pump once, while the parts are still clean and smell free. Additionally, a long-lasting sewage sump pump system reduces the chances of having to make repairs or replace equipment. So, let’s get the best Jackel sewage sump basin for the job.

Jackel Sewage Basin Benefits

  • Made with heavy duty polyethylene structural foam for light weight, absolute rigidness and durability.
  • Top rim is strong and durable and ready to bolt on any basin cover.
  • The top rim also forms the easy to use 360 degree EZ Grab handle. Not available on the 18 x 30 inch basic basin.

Below is the most popular sized basin for most homes.

Jackel Premium Sewage Basin (Model: SF30PR)
  • Size: 18″ x 30″
  • Capacity: 30 Gallons
  • Material: Injection Molded Polyethylene Structural Foam
  • Gas, radon and odor tight
  • Dozens of cover options available
  • Smooth interior surface is easier to clean.
  • Reinforced basin bottom stays flat for best sewage pump performance.
  • Glass filled nylon encapsulated inserts are non-corrosive and permits basin covers to seal out odors and radon gas.
  • Numerous basin covers are available for use with any sewage pump.
  • This basin has a factory cut inlet hole that accepts drain tile and 4 inch diameter hubs (also called: flanges).

How Many Toilets Are Being Used? How many Gallons Per Flush?

Toilets manufactured before 1982 use from 5-7 gallons of water per flush. Today toilets only use 1.6 gallons per flush. Reference

Having the pump run every time a toilet is used will burn out the motor sooner rather than later. That means an expensive repair that can be avoided.

On the other hand, having a sewage sump basin that is too large is wasting money today. Not only is the basin more expensive but the other parts of the system may be more expensive too.

Other Sources of Sewage Water

Is the bathroom sink and shower also flowing into the sewage basin? How about the kitchen sink, dish washer or clothes washer? These uses will require different sized sewage basins as well as different sized sewage sump pumps.

Sewage Sump Pump Size Is Important Too

A single (simplex) sewage pump needs a minimum basin depth of 24 inches. Whereas, a 2 pump (duplex) sewage pump needs a minimum basin depth of 36 inches.

Also, a 2 pump (duplex) sewage pump will require a wider or taller basin to physically fit the pumps into.

Jackel Sewage Basin Sizes for Every Home

Jackel provides two 30 gallon sewage sump basins that are 18 inches wide at the top x 30 inches deep (exterior). These are suitable for most homes with a single sewage pump.

Jackel provides two 30 gallon sewage sump basins that are 18 inches wide at the top x 30 inches deep (exterior). These are suitable for most homes with a single sewage pump.

Shown below is the Budget Priced 18 x 30 inch Jackel sewage basin that holds 30 gallons. Which is large enough for most homes.

Jackel Sump Basin 18 in. x 22 in. (Model: SF20)
  • Heavy duty structural foam injection molded construction
  • Cover mounting metal inserts included on basin
  • Compatible with Jackel 18″ diameter sump basin covers
  • Gas and Radon tight; Odor free
  • 20 Gallon Capacity

The 45 Gallon Jackel Sewage Basin is 24 inches wide and deep and is suitable for use with two pump (duplex) sump pumps. Although this could be used with a simplex sewage sump pump where a wider or shorter basin is required.

72 Gallon Jackel Sewage Basin is 24 inches wide and 36 inches deep. Will handle larger duplex sewage pumps.

For large homes with the largest sewage flow volumes get the Jackel 110 Gallon Sewage Basin. Primarily used with duplex sewage pumps. It measures 30 x 36 inches.

Jackel Sewage Sump Basin Comparison Chart

Jackel Sewage Basin SizeGallons360 Degree
EZ Grab Handle
Check The Price 
18 x 30 inches Basic.
For one pump. Budget priced.
Check The Price 18 x 30 inches Premium.
For one pump. Higher priced but better quality.
See this alternative complete system.
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24 x 24 inches
For two pumps.
Check The Price
See this alternative
24 x 36 inches
For two pumps.
Check The Price
See this alternative
30 x 36 inches
For two pumps.

What Do Customers Say?


  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Well constructed and highest quality imaginable
  • So strong that it doesn’t need interior ribs, which makes it easy to clean
  • Basin covers fit securely
  • Used for outdoor French drains


  • The covers seal so tight that they can be diffiult to remove.

Final Jackel Sewage Basin Remarks

As I searched the internet for Jackel sewage sump basin reviews, most reviews were just 5 stars and no comments. Likewise, there were some 4 star reviews.

The best budget priced basin is the 18 x 30 inches Basic sump basin. It has a lower price because it does not have the better quality 360 degree EZ Grab handle like the other basins do. Buyers are only going to handle this basin once while it is installed. So, the slightly higher priced models might not be worth it to all buyers. The alternative is the 18 x 30 inches Premium basin. 

Homeowners that have a primary sewage pump and a backup pump will need the 24 x 24 inch Jackel model SF45. It is rated at 45 gallons capacity which is a good choice for most homes. See this complete system as an alternative. 

The Jackel SF24x36 is rated at 72 gallons and will be the best overall choice to handle the flows from toilets, showers, and sinks all at the same time. See this alternative basin. 

However, if homeowners are also using dish washers and clothes washers with all of the other water fixtures, then get the 110 gallon Jackel SF30x36. This is not currently available here is an alternative. 

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