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Hi, this is Richard Quick, the author of For the past several years my brother and I have been researching water purification methods and have invented several devices.

These devices are designed to purify (not filter) industrial and commercial water systems, lakes and rivers.

Currently our water purification devices are only available in limited quantities. If you are interested, please contact us through this Contact Form.

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Richard Quick

I have always been interested in water and involved in water since I was old enough to walk.

I’d go out and play in the rainstorms – the stronger the wind and the harder the rain fell, the more I enjoyed it.

I learned how to swim underwater long before I could swim on top of the water. At a very early age I only had a diving mask. That was back when such things were a novelty. I spent countless hours at the beach, holding my breath and using my hands to fan the sand to find lost coins and rings.

As a teenager I found a steel scuba tank frozen in the ice of a Minnesota lake. Some years later I join a scuba diving club and I used that scuba tank every week.

I spent four years in the U.S. Navy, studied oceanography, and was about about to start a marine engineering degree, but got sidetracked – such is life.

I spent a few years working in the municipal water and sewer industry, which got me interested in water filtration and the health benefits of pure, clean, alkaline water.

As the years went by I was buying and selling old houses, and building houses. All of which led to learning how to keep houses safe from water damage from rain, snow, floods, ground water, leaky pipes, water heaters and more.

When remodeling an old house, replacing water heaters, furnaces, and entire pluming systems was pretty common.

Also, when building a house, selecting the best water heaters, water filtering systems, and water boiler furnaces that fit the needs of the house was crucial to being able to sell the house.

So, I have been actively learning about water and using water all of my life. Water is amazing stuff. All Water Products hopes to make your life easier and more enjoyable by introducing you to water based products you’ll love.


Friends have been asking me to find plastic free electric water heater kettles, and tea kettles, for use in the kitchen. So I did. Just follow the links to those articles.

If you have questions about any water using product – just ask. I really want to know what is important to you, and to help you get the most out of this watery world of ours.