30-40-50 Gallons – Which GE Water Heater is Right for You?

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Yes, there is a wide range of GE water heater options available these days. But it can be a little confusing since many of their models are similar – with only slight differences.

Yet the variety offered by this long-running brand is all-encompassing and designed to fit virtually any need. So, surely there’s a General Electric branded water heater that’s just right for you.

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Ge Water Heater Overview

But while all of these models are decked out with the distinctive GE logo, they’re not actually manufactured in a General Electric plant anymore. As is the case with many other products and brands these days, GE water heaters are made to exacting standards by a third-party manufacturer.

In this brief article, we’ll take a look at the nine most popular models of 30 gallon GE water heaters. You can also get the identical model of water heater in both 40 gallon and 50 gallon versions as well. But for the sake of brevity, we’ll focus on GE’s top current lineup of 30 gallon water heaters.

Incidentally, the differences between the 30, 40 and 50 gal GE hot water heater models are simply capacity and their overall physical size. Those are the two most important factors when considering which model is right for your home.

30 gallon tanks are perfect for households of 1-3 people. 40 gallon tanks are best for families of 4. And the 50 gal water heater versions are designed to optimally serve up to 5 people under one roof.

Unmatched History Of The GE Water Heater Brand

General Electric was founded back in 1907 by the famous inventor, Thomas Edison – the creator of the electric light bulb – among numerous other revolutionary devices.

So the GE name has been around for a long time and today remains one of the most recognized and popular brands among consumers in both the United States and Canada.

Thomas Edison inventor and founder of GE (General Electric)
Thomas Edison inventor and founder of
General Electric (GE)

Interestingly, this style of GE hot water heater (complete with large attached storage tank) has been around for decades. Today, it remains the most common type of water heater on the market thanks in large part to its established use of overall reliability. Most of us have been using this type of water heater for years. In fact, ask anyone on the street to quickly sketch what a water heater looks like and odds are they’ll draw out a tank type water heater.

Your Most Economical Water Heater – With a Caveat

While it’s been around seemingly forever, this style of water heater remains the most economical from an upfront cost point of view. Its history and popularity also means that there is a well-established network of service personnel whose expertise you can call upon as needed.

But while these electric hot water tanks are the most affordable solution available to consumers, they do cost a little bit more to operate, since they use electricity to maintain a steady supply of hot water. It’s a small cost to pay for having instant access to hot water on demand.

Check Your Available Space Before Buying

Before purchasing, it’s important to consider where your GE hot water heater will be located. These days, the most popular sizes of residential water heaters are the 30, 40, and 50 gallon tank models. But today’s tank-style water heaters contain more insulation than their predecessors, making them more energy efficient and lowering your electricity costs.

The ideal place to locate your new Ge hot water heater is exactly where the previous one was installed. If it is a new home installation, you likely have more options and more space.

It’s nice to be able to have your GE water heater installed in an out-of-the-way space. After all, this type of equipment is not something most folks would typically display, although, it’s not unusual to want to boast (subtly or not so subtly) about owning a well-respected brand – whatever the product.

One important consideration is the immediate area surrounding your GE water heater. You’ll want to make sure that you have adequate space around and above the top of the tank, since that’s where your plumbing lines are going to connect. A few inches of clearance in all directions should be adequate.

It’s All You Need for Hot Water

A tank-based GE water heater is a whole home system.

In other words, it’s designed to provide hot water on demand to every sink and shower as well as each water-fed appliance (for washing dishes and clothes) throughout the house.

Woman in bubble bath

Among the best places to install a new GE water heater is the laundry room or unused basement corner. An empty storage closet, utility room, or the garage may be a suitable location, depending on your proposed use of those areas.

In some cases, attics and garage mezzanines are used as locations to install a Ge hot water heater, although these are probably not the best options.

The reason is accessibility – or, inaccessibility – in this case. Should you ever need service or replacement (something all water tanks do eventually) it would be more difficult for service people to get to them. Consequently, you could end up paying more than you otherwise would.

Getting The Size Right Is Important

It’s important to choose the right size tank. And the right size for you is one that will exceed the peak hot water demand you anticipate in your home.

As a general rule, a 30 gallon tank is best for one to three people. For up to four people, a 40 gallon tank is recommended, while a 50 gal water heater tank can easily accommodate a family of five or six very well.

Choose the size and model of GE water heater that is going to provide all the hot water your household is going to need. Some people buy more than they need. But that’s not what we recommend simply because you’ll be paying more than is necessary.

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After all, the water in the tank needs to be kept at a minimum temperature, in order to quickly supply the demand.  This means that you will pay more in energy costs unnecessarily, if you’re heating more water than your family needs.

The Bottom Line on GE Water Heaters

You’re getting a well-designed heater that reliably delivers hot water – as soon as you need it. And it doesn’t matter where any particular faucet or shower is located in relation to the GE hot water heater itself.

You pay a little bit more for ample hot-water capacity and wattage (vs. cheaper no-name options).  But it’s the efficient design and power capability that is responsible for the quick recovery rates (and therefore readily-available hot water) GE water heaters provide.

If you’re replacing a much older hot water tank, remember that these new models tend to be a little bit bigger in size, since they’re built with considerably more insulation inside than a lot of older tanks. So double-check your available space before ordering.

Best GE Water Heaters – Our Top Picks

All of these electric GE water heaters are relatively easy to install and set up, since they use standard water and electric connections. All are 240 volt appliances – with direct wire connections. It’s best to have this type of water heater installed by a pro. But a competent do-it-yourselfer could do it too. Just remember to follow all safety precautions and take your time to get it right.

30 Gallon GE Electric Water Heaters

Model NumberGallon CapacityTop MountSide MountWidthHeightWi-FiSmartHeating ElementDrain Valve
GE30S10BMM30 PLUSYesNo22 inches in diameter49.875 inchesYesYesStainless SteelBrass
GE30S12BLM30YesNo22 inches in diameter42 inchesYesYesStainless SteelBrass
GE30S10BLM30YesNo22 inches in diameter42 inchesYesYes Plastic
GE30T10BLM30YesNo20 inches in diameter51.375 inchesYesYes Plastic
GE30T12BLM30YesNo20 inches in diameter51.375 inchesYesYes Brass
GE30S08BAM30YesNo22 inches in diameter42 inchesNoNoCopperPlastic
GE30T08BAM30YesNo22 inches in diameter42 inchesNoNoCopperPlastic
GE30S10BAM30YesNo22 inches in diameter42 inchesNoNoStainless SteelBrass
GE30T10BAM30YesNo20 inches in diameter51.375 inchesNoNoStainless SteelBrass

* 30 gallon tanks are typically ideal for homes with 1-3 people

** The 30 gallon Flexible Capacity version (model #: GE30S10BMM) can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably

Number One: GE30S10BMM GE Smart 30 Gallon Electric Water Heater with FLEXIBLE CAPACITY

This is our top pick due to the added capacity that’s built into the system. This model comes with three different capacity settings – giving you up to 60% more hot water when you need it – when compared to other 30 gallon hot water heaters.

That in itself is a huge plus, because it’s still a true 30 gallon water heater. So it takes up no more space then the other models. And due to the added capacity of hot water this one delivers, it can be used by a family of four quite comfortably.

GE Smart 30 Gallon Electric Water Heater with Flexable Capacity GE30S10BMM AllWaterProducts.com

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It’s a smart water heater with built-in Wi-Fi and digital display. With a brass drain valve and dual stainless steel heating elements, this one is well designed and built to provide a greater flexibility (and added capacity) of hot water options. It comes with a 10-year parts warranty and one year on labor.

Number Two: GE Smart 30 Gallon Short Electric Water Heater GE30S12BLM

Other brands claim to offer 30 gallon capacities, but according to the manufacturer, only General Electric tanks supply a true 30 gallons of hot water at the ready.

This one (as well as the other “Smart” models) come with built-in Wi-Fi and a digital display so you can easily adjust temperatures, set to vacation mode when you’re going to be away (thereby reducing your operating costs) and you can also receive notifications straight to the built-in digital display.

It’s lightning-quick at providing hot water and delivers up to 60 gallons in the first hour.

One of the features that makes these GE hot water tanks useful is they feature not one but two 5500 Watt heating elements. This dual element action is responsible for heating the water so quickly.

With stainless steel elements that are rust and corrosion resistant and the durable brass drain valve, this one should provide years of reliable service. This model comes with a 12 year limited warranty on parts, as well as one year on labor.

Number Three:  GE Smart 30 Gallon Short Electric Water Heater GE30S10BLM

Here’s another one with the true 30 gallon capacity that can deliver 60 gallons of hot water in the first hour. Quick recovery times are due to the dual 5500 Watt heating elements. This is a perfect set up for one to three water users.

The provided inlet tube on these water heaters is what allows the tank to replenish itself from the bottom, maximizing the delivery of hot water.

The rustproof drain valve is a nice feature to have, as is the digital display where you can accurately change the adjustments at the touch of a button. This model is a 10 year limited warranty on parts and one year on labor.

Number Four: GE 30 Gallon Tall Electric Water Heater GE30T10BLM

This one has many of the same features, like the true 30 gallons capacity, built-in Wi-Fi and quick water recovery times (with dual 5500 W heating elements) to provide hot water whenever you need it. What sets it apart is the slightly different design configuration.

This one is a 20 inch diameter, by just under 52 inches high in total height. So if floor space is at an absolute premium, this may be a better option for you to consider. This model comes with a 10 year parts warranty, plus the standard one year on labor.

Number Five: GE Smart 30 Gallon Tall Electric Water Heater GE30T12BLM

This version from GE provides dual heating elements made of stainless, which are durable as well as rust and corrosion resistant. Combine that with the solid brass drain valve (also rust-proof) and you’ve got a water tank system that should last longer than average.

It’s got all the other GE hot water heater features too, like digital display, Wi-Fi and the ability to change the settings to your personal preference. This model is covered by a 12 year parts warranty and one year on labor.

Number Six: GE 30 Gallon Short Electric Water Heater GE30S08BAM

Again, size is an important factor to consider here. In this case, the diameter is 22 inches and the total height (including the water inlet and outlet connections) is 42 inches.

This model is capable of providing 53 gallons of hot water in the first hour. With its two 5500 Watt heating elements, you’ll get hot water delivered quickly. And with the adjustable thermostat, you can set the temperature to your preference and see it displayed on the digital display.

This version of GE water heater comes with a slightly shortened warranty – eight year parts warranty and one year on labor – which is probably due to the copper heating element and plastic drain valve. This makes it a little more affordable, but may not last as long as the others made with stainless steel and brass components.

Number Seven: GE 30 Gallon Tall Electric Water Heater GE30T08BAM

This has similar features to the previous model. But the biggest difference is the size and configuration.

The diameter of this model is just 20 inches in diameter and the overall height is about 51 1/2 inches – to the top of the water feed and outlet connections.

All the other elements and features are the same. So it’s no surprise that this one also comes with an eight year warranty on parts (as well as the standard one year for labor).

Number Eight: GE 30 Gallon Short Electric Water Heater GE30S10BAM

This actual 30 gallon GE hot water heater is capable of delivering 53 gallons of steaming hot water first hour.

Dual 5500 Watt heating elements ensure a quick delivery of hot water on demand.

The heating elements on this version are made of stainless steel and are therefore more durable and rust resistant than those found on lesser models.

The brass drain valve also seems to be more rugged and durable than those made from plastic. All the other features are similar, including the adjustable thermostat. This one features a 10 year warranty on parts, plus one year labor.

Number Nine: GE 30 Gallon Tall Electric Water Heater GE30T10BAM

Here’s another version from GE that boasts two stainless steel heating elements for added durability and corrosion and rust resistance.

The built-in drain valve is made from solid brass, so it’s also rust proof and should help you get more years of reliable service from this hot water tank as opposed to some of the others.  

It’s capable of cranking out 54 gallons of hot water in the first hour and is designed to connect quickly to any standard water and electrical fittings, making this and the other GE electric water heaters we’ve highlighted an excellent choice.

With the adjustable thermostat built-in, you can set the water to the temperature of your own liking. This particular model comes with a 10 year parts warranty, as well as the usual one year on labor.

40 and 50 Gal Water Heater Options From General Electric

For our top picks on GE 40 Gallon Water Heaters, click here. 40 gallon capacity tanks are ideal for households of 2 – 4 people.

Model NumberGallon CapacityTop MountSide MountWidthHeight ***Wi-FiSmartHeating ElementDrain Valve
GE40S10BMM40 PLUSYesNo22 inches diameter60.875 inchesYesYesStainless SteelBrass
GE40S12BLM40YesNo22 inches diameter52.875 inchesYesYesStainless SteelBrass
GE40S10BLM40YesNo22 inches diameter52.875 inchesYesYesPlastic
GE40T10BLM40YesNo20 inches diameter65.5 inchesYesYesPlastic
GE40T12BLM40YesNo20 inches diameter65.5 inchesYesYesBrass
GE40S08BAM40YesNo22 inches diameter52.875 inchesNoNoCopperPlastic
GE40T08BAM40YesNo20 inches diameter65.5 inchesNoNoCopperPlastic
GE40S10BAM40YesNo22 inches diameter52.875 inchesNoNoStainless SteelBrass
GE40T10BAM40YesNo20 inches diameter65.5 inchesNoNoStainless SteelBrass

* 40 gallon tanks are typically ideal for homes with 2-4 people

** The 40 gallon Flexible Capacity version (model # GE40S10BMM) has an effective of 64 gallons capacity at the X-High Setting.

*** Measured to the top of the connections

To discover our favorites from GE in the 50 gal water heater category, click here. 50 gallon capacity tank-type water heaters are best suited to households of 3-5 people.

Model NumberGallon CapacityTop MountSide MountWidthHeight ***Wi-FiSmartHeating ElementDrain Valve
GE50S10BMM50 PLUSYesNo24 inches in diameter61.0 inchesYesYesStainless SteelBrass
GE50S12BLM50YesNo24 inches in diameter53.0 inchesYesYesStainless SteelBrass
GE50S10BLM50YesNo24 inches in diameter53.0 inchesYesYesPlastic
GE50T10BLM50YesNo22 inches in diameter63.875 inchesYesYesPlastic
GE50T12BLM50YesNo22 inches in diameter63.875 inchesYesYesBrass
GE50S08BAM50YesNo24 inches in diameter53.0 inchesNoNoCopperPlastic
GE50T08BAM50YesNo22 inches in diameter63.875 inchesNoNoCopperPlastic
GE50S10BAM50YesNo24 inches in diameter53.0 inchesNoNoStainless SteelBrass
GE50T10BAM50YesNo22 inches in diameter63.875 inchesNoNoStainless SteelBrass

* 50 gallon tanks are typically ideal for homes with 3-5 people

** The 50 gallon Flexible Capacity version (model #: GE50S10BMM) has an effective 80 gallons capacity at the X-High Setting.

*** Measured to the top of the connections

The Verdict

By choosing a GE water heater, you’re getting a solid performer at a reasonable cost. GE remains a favorite in the marketplace and has stood the test of time as a reliable brand.

And while every hot water tank on the market today has a limited lifespan, you can count on GE to consistently perform, without you having to fuss with it at all. Once it’s properly installed, you’re all set.

But there’s an added bonus that comes from choosing one of our recommendations above. You see, when you own an authentic GE water heater, you can’t help but feel like you own a little piece of history.

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