Atwood RV Water Heater 94026 GE16-XT: 16 Gallons From 10

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Forgive me for stuffing this long product name in your face, but that is the only way to separate the Atwood RV water heater 94026 GE16-XT from other Atwood heaters. After all, you want to make sure you buy the right one – right?

Well, for a tank style RV water heater, this is about as good as it gets.

twood 94026 XT Water Heater

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50% More Hot Water In the Same Amount of Space From The 10 Gallon Atwood RV Water Heater 94026 GE16-XT

Atwood water heaters have long been a popular choice for RV owners since many of them come with this brand already installed. But all mechanical devices need to be replaced in due time. This goes for your water heater as well.

And if you’re replacing an older Atwood product, making the change and getting a far superior water heater housed in the same space is surprisingly easy – and clean. You won’t have to cut a bigger hole or make any messy modifications.

Enjoy Longer, Hotter Showers While Traveling

Product engineers at Atwood made a smart decision when upgrading their line including model 94026 XT ten gallon liquid propane/electric water heater to keep it the same overall size.

And today’ water heater uses the latest technology to increase efficiency and generate as much as 60% more hot water for your RV, trailer, or fifth wheel. All in the same space your older, lower capacity and less-effective water heater was located in.

Technology Overcomes The Seemingly Impossible

How can you get more than 10 gallons of hot water from a tank that’s only 10 gallons in size? Well despite defying logic, that’s exactly what these folks have done. At the forefront of this evolution of the water heater is what Atwood terms “exothermal technology”.

This technology operates on the principle of heat exchange to significantly increase hot water output. For example, the Atwood 10 gallon RV water heater can produce the equivalent of 16 gallons of hot water. That’s a 60% increase in available hot water. If you’re ever stood in the shower and suddenly felt the onset cold water – you’ll understand and appreciate this added capacity.

Through heat exchange, the system heats water to a hotter temperature than is required. Then mixes that really hot water with more cold water through an already existing mixing valve. What happens as a result is you get 50% more hot water (at a comfortable, hot temperature). So this 10 gallon water heater actually provides about 16 gallons of hot water.

Same Tech – Smaller Size

Almost as impressive is the 6 gallon model which cranks out the equivalent of 9 gallons (a 50% increase) of hot water. While occupying the same amount of space as the older 6 gallon model. Both the six and ten gallons models can be flush-mounted into the sidewall of your RV to create a more integrated and seamless installation.

We recommend the Atwood 10 gallon RV water heater as being the optimal choice in most cases. So, this is the model we will focus on for the rest of this brief review.

Propane Plus Electricity

This Atwood RV Water Heater 94026 GE16-XT uses both propane and electricity. It comes equipped with a direct spark ignition for a surefire start every time you fire it up. Also, it can actually run on propane or electricity – or both. It really depends on your demand for hot water.

A sealed external combustion chamber keeps the unit protected while providing a safe and dependable ignition system. Also provided for added safety is a pressure and temperature relief valve, thermostat, as well as a temperature limiting switch.

Clearly, the manufacturer understands that most people aren’t fortunate enough to be able to use their RV or trailer year-round. Therefore, the majority of the recreational vehicles out there need to be stored for the winter. And that means winterizing the tank and lines to drain any water from the system.

So what Atwood (now owned by Dometic) has done is they built in a winterizing bypass. This makes it easy and efficient to safely prepare any RV, fifth wheel, or motor home at the end of the camping season.

Comforts Of Home When You’re On the Road

These new water heaters are efficient and versatile for recreation vehicles. They make it easy for you to enjoy the greater comforts of being at home. Like being able to enjoy a luxurious and long hot shower that never gets cut short. Ask any experienced RV owner – or camper for that matter – and they’ll tell you the one thing they miss more than anything else are those invigorating and comforting showers.

Get Everything You Need In One Shot

Unlike some manufacturers, Atwood also provides a replacement access door to match your existing finish. You can choose from a variety of popular colors to create a seamless upgrade from a standard RV water heater to the Atwood GHH16-EXT.

With some makes, you need to order the door as a separate accessory, but it’s included here with your purchase of the Atwood RV water heater.

Atwood 94026 XT Water Heater – 10 Gallon, LP/Electric
  • The Atwood XT 10- Gallon water heater provides the equivalence of a 16- Gallon unit without increasing the space required
  • Saves weight while fitting in the same cut-out dimensions of other Atwood water heaters
  • Comes pre-configured with a winterization bypass kit, tee fittings, hoses and a thermostatically-controlled mixing valve with check valves in both inlets
  • 10 Gallon Water Heater, XT Exothermal, Gas/Electric Model
  • Water Heater Gas Electric Direct Spark Ignition

Aluminum Makes Sense

Check out the water tank itself on the Atwood and you’ll find that it is clad in aluminum. This provides the obvious benefit of making it lighter and therefore easier to put into position and install. But there’s another huge advantage too.

Also, the tank is lined with aluminum, there’s no need for an anode rod inside. And since used-up (dissolved) anode rods are typically the source of most corrosion problems with traditional water tanks. So, that’s something you never have to worry about on the Atwood 10 gallon RV water heater.

Switch-Outs Are Easier

Being able to remove your old water heater and replace it with a new Atwood model means that 95% of the components will be readily accessible whenever the need to service your unit comes into play.

It’s better for everyone this way. It’s easier for any service professional to work on your system. And in theory at least, it should therefore cost you less money to service. Since they won’t have to struggle to get to the fittings or the drain.

Plus, having this kind of configuration also eliminates the need for service people to be inside your RV. Since they can access the water heater fully from the outside in most cases. Having experienced both types of service calls before, I now know which one I prefer. What about you?

You should be aware that the GE16-XT is the same as the Atwood 94026 XT water heater 10 gallons LP/electric. They may be labeled “Atwood” or “Dometic Atwood”. At any rate, it is ideal as a replacement for an older Atwood model since it’s designed to fit inside an opening of the same dimensions.

Superior Hot Water Service With Minimal Disruption

You don’t have to wait until your old water heater fails you, which usually happens far from home. Whether the existing water heater in your RV is working or not, you can upgrade now and enjoy an even better experience.

Since it’s a straightforward replacement, it will save you money since you won’t have to remodel your RV to accommodate a larger tank. And rest assured this newer model will efficiently boost your hot water output while taking up no more space in your RV.

The Atwood GE16-XT makes an excellent choice for anybody who wants more hot water without stepping up to a bigger and bulkier hot water heater. If space is at a premium in your RV, a new Atwood RV water heater makes a lot of sense.

  • Voltage: operates on 110 volts
  • Type: liquid propane gas and electric
  • Capacity: 10 gallons (6 gallon model also available)
  • Wattage: 1400 Watts
  • Weight When Full: 109 pounds
  • Weight When Empty: 28 pounds
  • Gas Heat Generated: 10,000 BTUs
  • Water Tank Material Used: aluminum alloy
  • Overall Dimensions of the Atwood GE16-XT

16 inches wide

15.5 inches high

21.75 inches deep

  • Cut out dimensions measure 15 3/4 inches high by 16 1/4 inches wide by 21 3/4 inches deep. If you’ve got this size of opening at your water heater – you’re all set. If not, you may need to make some alterations to your RV.

Recovery Rates (In Gallons Per Hour)

  • Liquid Propane Gas mode – 13.5
  • Electric mode – 6.2
  • Combined Gas and Electric modes – 19.7 gallons


  • It’s an ideal match for an older Atwood hot water heater. Also, it’s a perfect replacement in the exact same space where your current water heater is located
  • It’s easy to install. (For a pro or experienced DIY type, well versed in RV water heaters, installation can be completed in as little as 30 – 45 minutes)
  • Works reliably and consistently
  • Comes with a new door panel
  • You can use both electric and gas power to enjoy a “real” shower
  • Provides plenty of hot water for you to enjoy 3 comfortable showers in succession
  • Superb customer service from Dometic Atwood. (they provided helpful and precise information and went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction)
  • Can enjoy a hot shower that can be 75% longer than what you may be used to. (and never run out of hot water)
  • Comes with all the correct connections
  • Can run on either gas or electric power – or both
  • Features a through tube combustion chamber which helps maintain water temperature
  • It’s lightweight and compact in size
  • Controls are easily accessible for servicing personnel
  • For safety, there’s a high temperature limit switch and pressure temperature relief valve


  • Not a do-it-yourself friendly installation for the average person. (Best to have a professional install it for you. Unless you’ve got some experience with RV water heaters like this one and some notable do-it-yourself skills)
  • Leaks have been reported (though it was not clear whether this was from a faulty installation or a faulty product)
  • Some buyers have received damaged shipments. (this happens from time to time with a wide range of products in all price ranges)
  • Temperature pressure valve may be set too low so when you use all the hot water, it automatically releases
  • Recovery time could be better

Our Verdict On The Atwood RV Water Heater 94026 GE16-XT

Travelling and living in an RV, trailer, or fifth wheel – whether it’s for a weekend, or months on end – can be a fun and exciting adventure. What would make it even better is to be able to enjoy a longer, hotter, more invigorating shower – just like you get at home. But most campers know that it’s not easy to achieve this in an RV – until now.

With an Atwood 10 gallon RV water heater – you can get up to 60% more hot water – without getting a larger tank. So it’s a more straight-forward replacement than upgrading ones water heater than it typically involves.

If your older RV hot water tank isn’t giving you the volume of hot water you would like – it’s time to make the switch to the Atwood GE16-XT and enjoy the difference.

If your RV or mobile home is outfitted with a standard Atwood RV water heater – making the switch now should be a no-brainer.

And chances are it would even be worth your while if you had to make a few modifications too. You just can’t beat having the extra hot water when you need it.

Atwood 94026 XT Water Heater – 10 Gallon, LP/Electric
  • The Atwood XT 10- Gallon water heater provides the equivalence of a 16- Gallon unit without increasing the space required
  • Saves weight while fitting in the same cut-out dimensions of other Atwood water heaters
  • Comes pre-configured with a winterization bypass kit, tee fittings, hoses and a thermostatically-controlled mixing valve with check valves in both inlets
  • 10 Gallon Water Heater, XT Exothermal, Gas/Electric Model
  • Water Heater Gas Electric Direct Spark Ignition

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